Greetings from Maastricht: a look at innovative entrepreneurship

From 11 November 2017 – 7 January 2018, you could step into the world of Maastricht’s makers and (re-)discover the history of the oldest industrial city in the Netherlands. Now that the expo is over, this website remains as a document. You can still take a look behind the scenes at Maastricht’s leading production companies and marvel at the products and services that are putting Maastricht on the global map. Please browse and meet these entrepreneurs who speak passionately about their companies, about the opportunities and challenges, the renewal, and the innovation.


We’ve joined with our many partners to organize an extensive range of meetings during the expo. There will be networking meetings, knowledge events, an event for freelancers, and the winner of the 2017 Maastricht Award for excellent entrepreneurship will be announced.

Repurposing the Sphinx quarter

A 120-metre-long public gallery shares the rich history of this piece of industrial heritage with new users and visitors. Each facet of the Sphinx factory’s story will be explored in the space between the Pathé cinema and the Eiffel building. The Gallery has opened in December 2017.

Movie: discover Maastrichts’ economic past and present

Watch the movie, which was made especially as an introduction movie for the expo ‘Greetings from Maastricht’.

The Bassin opened in 1826. Merchant and manufacturing magnate Petrus Regout saw opportunities for better transport. In 1834, he started construction on an industrial complex.

1850: a paper mill opens. Société Céramique, an earthenware factory, was started in Wyck in 1851, and a porcelain factory followed in 1883 just outside the city.

Maastricht is developing into a knowledge-based city and companies in this sector, which includes health & life sciences, are becoming major players in Maastricht.

At Bisschopsmolen, we’re learning by developing sports nutrition products. The challenge is to get back to food that’s free from chemical additives.

Customer Service Valley is investing in talent development and quality for their 1,500 agents. They currently process 437,240 calls per month.

The windscreen of every third new car worldwide (!) is held in place using a product created by Johnson Matthey in Maastricht.

Thomas Regout International is the market leader in conductors and their smart innovation and export strategy won them the 2013 Limburg Award.

Mine Kafon is working to reclaim land from 110 million land mines, and they’re designing and launching their drone in Maastricht.

ENCI has been manufacturing cement in Maastricht for 91 years, a fact that’s evident not only in many of the city’s buildings, but also in the Willem Alexander Tunnel and the Noorderbrug bridge.

The creative sector in Maastricht is responsible for more than 2,200 jobs and has massive potential for growth: an increase of around 1,500 jobs in 2020.

Steelport Maastricht is a unique ecosystem, and together, these steel companies produce nearly two million tonnes of steel per year.

The Greetings from Maastricht expo highlights two eras of Maastricht’s entrepreneurial spirit. Come and see!